Action Plans

We launched 1:1 Coaching last quarter and have been amazed in how quickly it's been adopted by our beta customers... it's quickly become the underlying fabric of teams large-and-small and the creativity has been inspiring!

Today we're thrilled to announce Action Plans to compliment 1:1 Coaching and further our vision of creating the modern Sales Performance Management platform.


Action Plans are created for individual employees and assigned a due date. Each Action Plan consists of 1+ Action Plan Items with the following types available at launch:

  • Question
  • Goal - An Ambition Goal, this can be tied to an existing metric or free-form
  • External URL - A link to a third-party item, for example a LMS module

Action Plans can be linked to 1:1 Check Ins or exist independently. They can be filtered by employee and as to whether they are open-or-closed, complete-or-incomplete.

We're excited to collect feedback and continue to expand on Action Plans and Coaching in-general. Stay tuned for several new updates coming, a lot is in-progress!



Action Plans