Metric Reprocessing Options and a New Calendar

Kicking off Quarter 2 with some new functionality, thanks Travis @ Allegis Group and John @ Strategic Financial for the requests around more granular metric reprocessing!

Metric Reprocessing

When changing a metric's logic you now have the ability to determine if this change should apply retroactively or moving forward. This allows your operations team to have maximum flexibility in keeping process changes in-sync with Ambition metrics.

For Example:

You're currently using Salesforce and have built an Outbound Calls metric that looks at the Task Object using the logic below.

Subject CONTAINS Outbound Call

This is typically how organizations start out but realize over time it's imperfect, it would be more accurate to transition from the Subject Field looking for a phrase (assuming it was entered correctly) to a Type Field where you simply pick the correct option from a dropdown.

Type EQUALS Outbound Call

You can now transition your Ambition metric from looking at the Subject Field to the Type Field and maintain historical accuracy by telling Ambition exactly when to take your change into affect.

Improved Calendar Picker

Sometimes it's the small things that make a difference, right?

Old Calendar

New Calendar



Metric Reprocessing Options


Calendar Date Selector